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RE: Anime Matsuri - Riliont - 04-30-2007

oh damn, how did Blaze Line sound?

RE: Anime Matsuri - ichi - 04-30-2007

IT WAS AWESOME!!! yeah i was scared of being trampled to death. specially when teeda started throwing tshirts. and the towel he wiped his face with... i almost caught it!!! i touched the tip of it but this really tall guy just swiped it and went down with it. i fell down on top of him and tried fighting for it but he started moving away from the crowd and i didnt wanna take my eyes off of back-on. i think they performed rain... i remember teeda saying "this song is for the ladies so listen carefully" one of the best songs they performed was believer. totally had the crowd going. OMG!!! it was so unbelievable. i definitely agree that i feel sorry for fizz though i wish they woulda gotten off the stage after 5 songs and all. their songs were really long and i just couldnt wait to see back-on!!! thank god fizz didnt come out for an encore. the new songs were awesome. im wondering when they would come out cuz i really really want them. im thinking of making a very very longggg post telling u guys my adventure during anime matsuri. tell me if ur willing to read. if not i'll just post it in myspace =D

RE: Anime Matsuri - e1337 - 04-30-2007

Im willing to read it. =D

RE: Anime Matsuri - ookami - 04-30-2007

Didn't read cuz i know how it went, so everything ichi says true

RE: Anime Matsuri - funbari - 04-30-2007

It sounds GREAT!! Wish i were there, how many listeners were there? As i saw i crowd of ppl throwing up their hands infront of the stage in the video.

RE: Anime Matsuri - ichi - 04-30-2007

can i say that i am seething right now? miyu-chan!!! how dare u!!! i told kenji03 i loved him too though i dont think he knew wat i was saying. teeda however told me he loved me 3 times. i got my hugs after the q&a panel. i was one of the birthday girls. oh when i got a hug from kenji03... ok i'll admit it.. i felt him up. he laughed XDD. ok i'll go off and type up my whole adventure...

RE: Anime Matsuri - funbari - 04-30-2007

you mean you really HUG them!??! cuz i cant really believe it, i trust you, but i mean, i cant believe you recieve HUGS from them!! omg

RE: Anime Matsuri - ookami - 04-30-2007

She got hugs from Kenji03 AND Teeda! T_T I only got one from Teeda. I'm still happy about that but still....

RE: Anime Matsuri - Flick - 04-30-2007

@xiijelly - thank you for the song list! Big Grin I'm going to post this up on the news update~^^ They performed all the songs from their new single! Like WOW! Big Grin I really wish it was released a whole lot sooner.

@Ichi - I'm already annoyed by that tall guy! He should do the gentlemanly thing and let you have that shirt. *kicks him* Smile Believer is definitely one of my most favourite songs - awesome melody/rhythm/chorus - the whole she-bang!:0

Do post your long post about your adventure! Big Grin Feel free to create a brand new thread called 'Ichi's experiences' or something much cooler!

RE: Anime Matsuri - yutasexy - 04-30-2007

I was with xiijelly and yeah.... we thought about going on the floor toward the stage, but we figured with the crowd and both of us being short we wouldn't be able to see. Then when we went down for the encore, we could see perfectly ;____;!! The show was amazing(!) and the stage was a lovely set up too.