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Anime Matsuri - Flick - 04-30-2007

I'm currently looking for comments on the whole event and they have come back rather mixed... (info from blogs and also from the Anime Matsuri MashHarder forums)

*HOWEVER* Teeda obviously enjoyed the autograph signing session - he said that there were lots of lovely/cute people/children there! Smile This is coming from an entry on his blog - where he says that even if Back-on isn't popular in Japan it certainly is popular in America, which he regards as a 'top' country! Smile

Can't wait for the others to get back and tell us more Big Grin

RE: Anime Matsuri - max doe - 04-30-2007

That is good. Wow, I didn't know America knew Back-on so much. Well what does this mean in the future. Yeah that means more concert appearence in America baby. I hope. I'm happy people in America was showing them some love.

RE: Anime Matsuri - Riliont - 04-30-2007

thats good to hear Smile

RE: Anime Matsuri - Flick - 04-30-2007

I think he was (overwhelmed?? Tongue) by the crowds... I imagine lots of people were queuing to get their autograph ^^

RE: Anime Matsuri - sowon - 04-30-2007

Ichi-chan and Nao are so lucky ~~

RE: Anime Matsuri - Flick - 04-30-2007

Definitely! Big Grin Apparently BACK-ON communicated really well with the crowd and it was a good atmosphere according to the user Holydragon01 (thanks!) on MashHarder. The 'main vocalist' spoke English ... but I'm not sure if he meant Teeda or Kenji03 Smile

RE: Anime Matsuri - max doe - 04-30-2007

Besides the concert being really good, I heard everything else was bad for others of the way AM was set up. People felt like they were cheated and security was bothersome. I mean on the forums I read they felt cheated out of their money.

When I went to my first convention I just paid $10 and everything else was free. Except buying food and merchandise. But I had fun at my little convention and will go in October this year. Already set. But the people on the AM forum sound really angry and wanted their money back. I mean what they said about just buying a map to get around sound crazy to me. What did you guys hear about the convention.

RE: Anime Matsuri - Riliont - 04-30-2007

im hearing pretty much the same thing as you Sad

RE: Anime Matsuri - ichi - 04-30-2007

HOMG!!! it was awesome y'all!! i started crying before the Q and A panel. it was so pathetic. though i got kenji, teeda, gori, shu, and icchan's attention. i also got a hug from teeda and keji03!!!!! best birthday present ever.

clip of the concert my friend took (he almost got caught but this is so worth it yall)

RE: Anime Matsuri - ichi - 04-30-2007

double post but to clear things up the "vocalist" that spoke english was teeda. he was hilarious and he told me 3 times that he loved me =D kenji03 (my baby) also winked at me. i will try to upload the videos and stuff in youtube and put the links here. IT WAS SOO WORTH IT!!! ALL 30 DOLLARS OF IT!!! my group also won the runway cosplay =DD