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RE: yes I was in JAPAN ! - ichi - 01-25-2010

I'm so jealous!! I love all your pictures btw (especially the purikura!). I'd love to go to Japan someday =]

How was the food? Did you go to Tokyo Tower? Shibuya? Did you ride the bullet train? Post more pictures!!!

RE: yes I was in JAPAN ! - sowon - 01-30-2010

OKAY ! I'll post may pics this afternoon for ya ! gomen nasai.

I've been living 5 stations away from Shibuya, I've ( YES ) took the bullet train ( shinkansen ) > seems like you're in a plane, it was awesome and awesomely expensive as well ! I've also been to the Tokyo To yep !
Anyway i'll post more pics and explain how everything was.

RE: yes I was in JAPAN ! - ichi - 02-17-2010

That's awesome sowon-nii!!!! I can't wait to go to Japan! LOL on the expensive bullet train! =]

RE: yes I was in JAPAN ! - countess_xanne - 02-24-2010

osaka osaka~