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Forum Banner Submissions - ichi - 02-26-2009

It's that time of the year again! Show your love for BACK-ON by creating a forum banner! Anyone interested is welcome to submit their work. We would be displaying your work as one of our forum banners Whip

-Size 850x150 px
-Has to be BACK-ON related which means your banner has a picture of the band or individual band members or album/singles by the band
-Rated PG. No inappropriate stuff please like curse words, pornographic pictures etc. (I'm pretty sure you guys wouldnt do that but I have to put it there).
-Have banners be in .jpg format (no .psd files please)

All submissions will be sent to by Saturday March 21st Pon Yeah

@Flick: Please feel free to edit and add the necessary information into this post Wee

EDIT Please have BACK-ON ONLINE somewhere in the banner! Big Grin
Edit 1 by Flick @ 28.02.09: Added the email address for submissions Smile

RE: Forum Banner Submissions - Edward - 02-26-2009

dam how i wish i had my own computer so i could make one....

RE: Forum Banner Submissions - SMiiiLEzz - 02-26-2009

size looks like 808x110
and yeeee i could do this! ......hopefully...
but dang i'm gonna need to work .__.
is there a deadline?

RE: Forum Banner Submissions - Edward - 02-26-2009

is there a prize? do we get something!!!! can we get our names in like green for like a month or something?

RE: Forum Banner Submissions - ichi - 02-26-2009

@kan: as far as deadlines we don't have a set deadline at the moment but we'll try to give you a solid date soon. you'll have plenty of time to finish it so don't worry Big Grin

@edward: prizes? we'll talk about it then tell you guys Big Grin

RE: Forum Banner Submissions - Flick - 02-28-2009

Thanks to ichi for arranging and managing our brand new forum banner submissions for 2009! Smile Glad you're all so very enthusiastic, woot! ^^

For the banner size, I think what kan/smilezz has proposed will be fine. There can be some leeway I think in terms of the banner height (around 110), but certainly width wise (with our current forum theme) it is at 808px for optimal display.

As ichi said, we'll certainly talk about the potential prize and deadline and come back to you guys with a confirmed date Smile More details to follow!

p/s: The email address is

RE: Forum Banner Submissions - SMiiiLEzz - 02-28-2009

lol Flick, you can just call me kannn, you don't have to type all of that out XD
and I'm going to do some banners this weekend. woooooo

RE: Forum Banner Submissions - ichi - 03-03-2009

haha with my awesome photoshop skills i will kill you all XD jk! i'll be submitting a little something this time since my photoshop skills were a little underdeveloped last tiime. i think i'll make two... 1 for the band and the other for my beloved kenji. haha i'll be representing the i heart kenji fanclub me and sesshy are running! support support!!! Wahahaha

RE: Forum Banner Submissions - Edward - 03-03-2009

no!!!!!! well ya, i suck at photoshop not to mention i dont have it anymore and i would fail anyways just cuz i dont have any art skills

RE: Forum Banner Submissions - SMiiiLEzz - 03-04-2009

oh then you're right.
you probably will kill me ichi.
cuz like, i use gimp. not photoshop. looooool