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SomePeople Just Don't Care. - TeedaFanGirl394 - 02-25-2009

I'm kinda upset. This Girl On Myspace Named iMaRie Wrote something. "hey TEEDA...... i don't know if you remember me... but i am one of your number 1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i just wanted to say KONNICHIWA こんにちは and i hope that you doing GOOD!!!!!!!! I WOUDL LIKED TO SEE YOU AGAING.... LOVE U!!!♥"
That's What She Wrote & Upset Cause Idk If She Really Meant It. I can't belive I'm crying. I Mean I Wanna Be His FanGirl But Like That I Just Can't Stand Those Can Of Girls Who Think The Only She Can Have Him. I Know I Was Like That & I'm Sorry. I Feel Like My Heart Has Been Ripped Out By What She Said Its Like She Doesn't Care & She Doesn't Want Anyone Else To Like Him.

RE: SomePeople Just Don't Care. - Flick - 02-25-2009

I suppose freedom of speech is a double-edged sword. Everyone can (almost always) say what they like... I just hope you don't let words get to you too much Smile

Great that you are a fan of Teeda though! ^^ He is very cool and is quite popular on the forums (dare I say there's a camp/team out there for him!?)

RE: SomePeople Just Don't Care. - TeedaFanGirl394 - 02-25-2009

Thanks Alot Flick & If There Was A Camp I Think We Have Heard About It. Lol.Thumbup

RE: SomePeople Just Don't Care. - Edward - 02-25-2009

well perhaps you are overreacting (no offence) but all she said was that she was his number 1 fan, which is an expression commenly used by peoples, i like to think that i am icchan's number one fan too sometimes but that doesn't mean she thinks no one else can be a fan. then she is just expressing how she wanted to see him again just as all of us would like to see teeda, so its not as bad as you think alright? cheer up!!!!

RE: SomePeople Just Don't Care. - ichi - 02-26-2009

edward has a point. from what i'm seeing the girl just wanted to say that she really like teeda. like they say, you can't tell the tone of a person from reading a text. i'm reading in between the lines and i don't see anywhere where she says that "you can't have him."

i've personally met teeda and i've given him a hug and if i were to say the same thing its just because i think he's a cool person. i'm not about to go out there and mention that i'm the only person entitled to say he's the coolest person per se. its just a statement. now chill!

RE: SomePeople Just Don't Care. - Edward - 02-26-2009

omg, *jealous of ichi for hugging and coming in close proximity of back-on

RE: SomePeople Just Don't Care. - SMiiiLEzz - 02-26-2009

wooooow edward, you put my thoughts into words..
i couldn't even do that

RE: SomePeople Just Don't Care. - Edward - 02-26-2009

raging hatred is starting to overflow, must resist urge to run half way across north america to strangle ichi and perhaps take dna samples of her hand to see if i can find traces of teeda and thus clone him....

RE: SomePeople Just Don't Care. - ichi - 02-26-2009

lol. i only got the hug because it was my birthday Big Grin so if you meet BACK-ON tell them its your birthday! i gots to take a pic with them and get hug from kenji and teeda Yaay

ok fine, i started crying when they entered the room but, hey, i love them so its all good Big Grin ookami wouldn't lay off though. she kept telling me to shut up. haha

RE: SomePeople Just Don't Care. - Edward - 02-27-2009

i think i would grovel at their feet if they were near me