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The fan thread for 'Grab' - Dean - 08-11-2008

saw it on youtube Smile not my kinda song...I got "Grab" on repeat.

RE: anybody have the lyrics for rain? - Flick - 08-12-2008

LOL, Dean! Smile I have to admit, I really do like Grab. I think though, that I could definitely listen to the rap part on repeat, but I'm a little less certain about the chorus. Not sure if you have the same feeling though ~~

RE: anybody have the lyrics for rain? - Dean - 08-13-2008

lolz I´m singing the rap part along Tongue The chorus isn't as good as the rapping but the beat rules Big Grin

RE: anybody have the lyrics for rain? - Flick - 08-13-2008

Splitting the thread since this is diverting a little (and plus I want to discuss Grab more) ... but after being confused by the first rap voice that you hear at the start of the song (wondering if it was Kenji03 since it didn't sound like Teeda) - I finally got round to looking at the credits in the CD jacket, and it's Matthew Barron!

He's the guy who acts as the English 'consultant' to most if not all of BACK-ON's songs.

RE: The fan thread for 'Grab' - Dean - 08-18-2008

cool I do like the english parts although they somehow don't sound correct. Man I really wish they would make more songs like grab.

RE: The fan thread for 'Grab' - Sesshy - 08-19-2008

I love the part when the guitar is constantly playing the beat and Teeda raping the flow with it. I love that part. Makes you all hyped up! x3

RE: The fan thread for 'Grab' - Flick - 08-23-2008

Me too, Sesshy! Big Grin This is awfully naughty of me, but sometimes I prefer the second verse over the first verse, but tbh, the verses really seriously rock so much more.

p/s: He does mention about a 'V6' engine. Needless to say, I believe Teeda's English has improved significantly since they made this song. I'm not sure if they perform it at their gigs though...

RE: The fan thread for 'Grab' - Dean - 08-23-2008

I like the 2nd part of the 1st verse and the 1st part of the 2nd, wish only they made the 1st verse like that...maybe I'll try it myself!

are there any lyrics?

RE: The fan thread for 'Grab' - Sesshy - 08-26-2008

Yeah, I want the lyrics. It hasn't came out of any singles, huh? If not, I wonder why...sounds too awesome!

RE: The fan thread for 'Grab' - Flick - 08-27-2008

The lyrics came with the jacket of the Survive complilation album, but (I'm not being lazy... seriously Stress) although I keep thinking I must type them up, every time I look at the sea of kanji, katakana and hiragana, I'm just relieved to see English come up - I don't want to say BACK-ON's lyrics are getting simpler, but some of their earlier work has a *lot* of text (like Gaku-Ten) and Grab is one of them.

* Flick will add it too the to-do list though. Hope everyone doesn't mind the delay >_<