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BOO's Oekaki - ichi - 06-24-2008

to those who rarely check their email, yes we've finally opened up oekaki to all forum members! Yaay here, i'll paste what the email said and the link.

Hi everyone!

I know you guys have been hearing about the launch of BOO's own Oekaki which Flick and Sowon have been working on. For those of you who don't know what an Oekaki is, basically it's an internet forum system that allows artists to draw pictures with a drawing program stored on a server and post their drawings on the internet forum. I know we house some very creative people here and I'm excited to see what everyone will contribute. We could also set up dates where we can have drawing tutorials and such so hold tight!

<3 ichi

p/s from Flick: It was ichi's idea actually! So a big thank you for all her hard work and dedication! Smile

so guys, start drawing!Wee we'll also use this thread to schedule dates when we can have drawing tutorials or whatnot. the time differences will kinda make it a bit tricky but we'll see what we can do! any suggestions on how we can make this run smoother will be gladly considered!

time for some Whip

RE: BOO's Oekaki - Flick - 06-28-2008

Thanks to ichi for making a news post on the forums! Big Grin I think it's safe to say that we're all really quite excited about this new feature, although I'm still having difficulty figuring out what to draw! The fact that I can't actually draw is probably a huge factor, but seriously though, hope you all enjoy using it! ^^

Thanks again to ichi for the great idea!

Any problems or suggestions, let us know too! We've now added a link to the top navigation bar of the Forums, so you can visit it extra quickly!

RE: BOO's Oekaki - sowon - 07-02-2008

Welcome back minna san ! ( yea I'm home now )
arigatou ichi-chan I'll register and begin to draw sth asap !
OMG I love your new avi ichi kawaiii !

RE: BOO's Oekaki - ichi - 07-03-2008

Yaay thanks sowon-nii (for commenting about my new avi and being the first to post something on the oekaki!). welcome back! we missed u so much!

draw flick draw!!!

oh, i have a suggestion, should we have a world clock or something? to make it easier to set up times since we sorta have varying time zones. xDD

RE: BOO's Oekaki - sowon - 07-03-2008

sounds good ! ( it's 9.20 am here ) xD
But I don't really have any idea how it can possibly work on the forum, I'll talk to Flick, I'm sure she knows an application which will be able to do that ! *_* she's fantastic !

RE: BOO's Oekaki - ookami - 07-11-2008

A world time would be nice. I def don't want to miss any tutorials. ^_____^

RE: BOO's Oekaki - Flick - 07-15-2008

Good idea! Big Grin Where should we put the world time clock??

RE: BOO's Oekaki - ichi - 07-16-2008

we could have one here in this thread as well as the oekaki (<--is that possible?).

oh i uploaded my first picture! yayy! Yaay

RE: BOO's Oekaki - ookami - 07-19-2008

I saw it. Congrats. Very good work! Yaay

yes, having one in the thread would work wonders. Maybe put it by the user controls?

RE: BOO's Oekaki - Flick - 07-28-2008

This is such a stupid thing for me to say at this point, but I've just realised... would we need a lot of space to display a time clock? Stress

For those who are wondering how to look up different zones, this site looks helpful!