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"Sands of Time" + Keitai Sousakan 7 Discussion! - Flick - 02-29-2008

Since everyone kindly declined to create a special thread about the BIGGEST News from Back-on for a while - I've muscled in and created one Big Grin

Thanks to Sesshy for the breaking news from Back-on's blog: Back-on's new song will be called 'Sands of Time' and features as the ending theme for the upcoming j-drama 'Ketai Sousakan 7' about a high school detective that 'befriends' an intelligent robot phone (I think?) and helps to thwart the plans of a internet crime group.

Sowon kindly posted a link to the drama on WikiAddicts (will add link in later if someone hasn't) and it is due to air every Wednesday evening starting from April 2nd.

There has been quite a bit of media coverage for this new release, partially because the new opening theme is sung by Hitomi Shimatani who might also guest-star in the series as well.

According to Back-on's myspace blog: the show has some very famous cast/production staff - including the guy who directed the live-action movie of Death Note.

I quote
[Image: 10050718789_s.jpg]

TODAY,we attended a press conference of new TV program"ke-tai sousakan 7"(mobile phone investigator 7).

The program will start April 2.

BACK-ON's new song "Sands of Time"is ending theme.

The program is not Anime,it is VFX drama.

But staff is top creaters of Japanese movies and animes.

It's very honored thet we participate in a project with Production I.G,Mamoru Oshii,(GHOST IN THE SHELL).

and more top creaters of Pokemon,DEATH NOTE,Ultora man,,,,

The picture is BACK-ON with TAKASHI MIIKE(very popular movie director),MASATAKA KUBOTA(main actor),HITOMI SHIMATANI(singer of OP theme:avex)

I've had a poke around the net for more info. Quite a bit of coverage focuses on Hitomi Shimatani (she is very famous and has been around for a while) the production staff, and also the new phone 'tie-in' - the first robot/toy phone on the market by Toshiba. (first news release was by Engadget Japan I believe?) UNBELIEVABLY they managed to miss out on the fact that Back-on are singing the Ending Theme.

However, with all the publicity surround this new series, I'm 110% certain that this will thrust Back-on into the limelight, once everyone hears the upcoming ending theme they'll be sure to look up Back-on! Big Grin I know the band already did the ED for Shinjuku Swan, but having watched the series quite recently, I can rant about why it hasn't had the desired impact.

Anyway, GOOD NEWS ALL ROUND! Big Grin I'm sure we'll be finding out more about the new single within the next couple of weeks! Please keep us all posted everyone!

EDIT 29/03/2008 : Sands of Time maybe out on May 21st 2008

RE: New song "Sands of Time"! - ookami - 03-04-2008

I can't wait, both for Back-On's new song and for Ketai Sousakan 7. I've never been interested in a jdrama before so this will all be new to me but I'm really excited. I'm very into the storyline. And to top it all off: Back-On's gonna be singing the ending theme! "Sands of Time" eh? Curious to know what the song's gonna be about.

RE: New song "Sands of Time"! - Dean - 03-04-2008

as long it aint a song like flowers or ..the other one..i forgot(ah butterfly -_-)...since it being a ending...i'm prepared for the worst(dunno if that's spelled means sausage in dutch though...).

RE: New song "Sands of Time"! - Sesshy - 03-04-2008

8DD You're welcome Flicker! (had the urge to call you that >_>)
Since I'm beginning to be addicted to J-dramas Thanks to Yamapi from NEWS, I would like to see this one. (I heard it's 51 episodes or I did I misread?) After hearing a lot of famous people working on that show, Back-On's reputation as a band should boost up pretty well so I agree with you. One problem though, they need to work harder due to their lack of updates. I hope they do too.

I think Sands of Time is going to be more rock-like than how Flower and Butterfly were more like pop to me xD I can't wait to hear it along with other songs that might be added on the single! I WANTS TO KNOW!

RE: New song "Sands of Time"! - Ummm - 03-04-2008

YAY! Clap New music!!! tho, I still need to hear all of their old music.

I hope this does push them out as a band - no one seems to know who they are! They're so underrated, it seems which is kinda...smelly, don't ya think? They have SO MUCH potential - NEED more recongnition!

Anyways, thanks for the news!

RE: New song "Sands of Time"! - D.M.C - 03-05-2008

really hopes the song is least better than a day dreaming...

RE: New song "Sands of Time"! - Flick - 03-07-2008

A huge error on my part (now edited) - Hitomi Shimatani's song is actually called 'Wake You Up' and is *NOT* in the single due for release on March 19th. Back-on's myspace and blog certainly mentions an R&B style for the song, although I agree with sesshy et. everyone else that it will be more rock like. I'd also like to see them returning to the New World album style, although something a bit like 'Butterfly' might work for the series too (since it's uh... digital crime?Tongue)

p/s: Don't worry about 'flicker' - flick is only my nickname as well after all Wink

RE: New song "Sands of Time"! - Dean - 03-07-2008


@ D.M.C
me hopes so 2!

I hope it's rock..or back-on will drop rapidly drop on my charts and on my Ipod.

plz Back-On bring tha song! these rumors are killing me -_-"

RE: New song "Sands of Time"! - xXxthepeazemakerxXx - 03-07-2008

i'm so excited to hear their new single...Clap

RE: New song "Sands of Time"! - ookami - 03-11-2008

To quote Dean: "R&B style?!" I have to admit, I wouldn't mind hearing something new from them but I'd much rather have them go back to their rocky ways (w/ a bit of Butterfly in there, as Flick suggests ^__^)