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What's ur Christmas wish....? - The 1 N' ONLY Meji X - 12-11-2007

well since its close to the holidays, thought i just post this topic up..........cuz i was bored -_-...anyways, whats everyone's Christmas wish, who knows....santa might get it for u Tongue

RE: What's ur Christmas wish....? - ichi - 12-11-2007

ooh! ooh!

dear santa,

in my opinion i was a very good girl this year. i did my chores, i excelled in school, and most importantly, i religiously worshipped back-on (which is very important mr. red man!). so please bring me what i really really want which is listed below.
  • a wacom tablet (ookami stop copying me!!)
  • kanon's haircut
  • sexpot clothes
  • putumayo clothes (because they're so cute)
  • canon digital rebel (because i really want it!! its so sweet looking!!)
  • a double decker platform boots (white)
  • Barnes and Noble gift card

and if u dont get me these stuff fat man, i swear... it is on! im jacking ur beloved reindeer and taking them for a joyride!!

and my christmas would so rock if u dropped kenji off in a box under my christmas tree.

Love ichi *smiles sweetly*

RE: What's ur Christmas wish....? - ookami - 12-11-2007

Dear Sandy Claws,

I promise to be muy bien if and only if you buy me a few things that I want, listed below:

+a wacom tablet (copying ichi because it's just that cool)
+Die's outfit from the PV "Kasumi" (he looks so smexy and I wanna look smexy too)
+a 4GB MP3 player (simple and plays music)
+one of Teeda's t-shirts (that he has worn many times before)
+or Teeda himself if you can't get the shirt (I promise to be good for 5 years if you get me him)

I don't want to seem greedy so I'll end it here. Go luck, Sandy Claws!

P.S. Nightmare Before Christmas rox!

RE: What's ur Christmas wish....? - Alacrana - 12-11-2007

Hmmmmmmm. Well. I haven't been a good girl. But just in case Santa's retarded and didn't notice, I want...

- A 1' diameter kiln. I'm sick of hand-firing my creations. It's too cold to sit outside for half an hour.
- A new laptop. Okay, okay. I've got three but they're old! I mean.. like the newest one is two whole years old!
- The limited edition Warwick Vampyre Dark Lord with F# string. <3.3 In black, plz.
- And um.. a house. I'm also tired of living in apartments.

RE: What's ur Christmas wish....? - dink524 - 12-11-2007

All I want is new furniture. That's all. Big Grin

RE: What's ur Christmas wish....? - JaceComix - 12-11-2007

Stereo for my car.

Think that's everything. :3

RE: What's ur Christmas wish....? - KobayashiSama - 12-12-2007

Santa? Ha! Santa can go break into someone else's house (People lock their houses for a reason), and who knows what he does to the children when he's inside. Ugh!

Anyway, my Christmas wish is:

*Alienware Computer
*DJ Headphones (they better be badass)
*Assassians Creed
*Xbox 360
*Nintendo Wii

There ya go. To anyone who gets me any of these must be rich. LOL!

RE: What's ur Christmas wish....? - ichi - 12-12-2007

ooh wow a kiln ala? i've worked with clay before. its fun but i think its a hard medium to use >.< what kind of stuff do u do?

interesting thread.

RE: What's ur Christmas wish....? - ookami - 12-12-2007

Assassian's Creed ftw!! I really want that game, but i'm not willing to buy a 360 just for that one game >.>

Ala does clay figures? could you post some of your work?

RE: What's ur Christmas wish....? - ichi - 12-12-2007

idk if she uses clay... but the only time we used the kiln for art was when we worked with clay (^.^*)