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RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - Alacrana - 02-23-2008

Ha ha, no! It's Veloxity. And I had to go back myself and check. XD It's shocking that people still want to read that POS.

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - ookami - 02-23-2008

lol. >.< It's the end of the day and I won't have time to read them (since I don't have internet at home). I'll be sure to read them later and give you a review that means something. Tongue

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - Alacrana - 02-23-2008

Ha ha! Thanks, I think. Please keep in mind that I wrote that crap um.. six or seven years ago.

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - ookami - 02-29-2008

lol. no worries. I'm sure it's not /that/ bad. Tongue

Getting back to the topic of dreams: I had the shortest, most hilarious dream I've had in a while.

I was having a series of....thoughts, I guess, and then suddenly everything went white. Everything was quiet for a while and then I thought "Don't tell me all of our minds are connected..." ('our' refering to my inner circle of friends). As I thought that, the words came up like it was in a chat room. Nothing happened for a while and then "No" appeared. Somehow I knew that it was my friend who has a habit of replying with one word answers. I screamed his name in surprise and suddenly everyone started 'talking' at once. For some reason, this made me laugh so hard I woke up right then. XD ........does anyone else find this even remotely funny? >.>;

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - Flick - 02-29-2008

Did you want us to say that it was funny? Wink

I find it quite surreal lol! It's kind of 'realistic' but not, and kind of fun too! I know I had a dream when I took a nap at lunch time today, but I really can't remember what it is >_<

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - Alacrana - 02-29-2008

Ooo, hive minds! When I was little, I would wonder why I wasn't part of a hive mind. My mother made me watch lots of musicals and stuff 'cause they were wholesome and they always made me think... "How do they all know the words? How do they all know the correct dance steps? How come *I* don't know these things?! AM I ALONE?!" I was a weird kid.

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - Flick - 03-03-2008

Wow... there's a specialist term? Big Grin Hive minds? It sounds pretty cool! ^^

Hehe - I love how you say that musicals are wholesome! Never had thought of them in that context before (hands up everyone who loves Sound of Music, Grease, etc!) but I suppose they are ~~ ^^ (apart from maybe... Chicago for a start? Tongue)

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - ookami - 03-04-2008

Watched Sound of Music so many times over the years of being in choir, and I've only heard of Grease and know it enough to recognize any allusions to it. I like musicals but i only don't watch them much cuz everyone around me doesn't like them. I normally go with majority (as long as i don't regret it later).