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RE: Dreams - ichi - 02-06-2008

fear not peeps! us mods will merge the threads so yeah. that shall solve this problem methinks Big Grin

lawl ala! i find ur dream quite amusing. i read the whole thing btw and idk what means. sry. as for me.... last night in my dream ookami and i went to this store. i think it was bath and body works and they had perfumes and stuff. and i really liked one of them so i told ookami "what if we stole it?" and she had this goofy grin on her face (like she always do) and grabbed one bottle and stuffed it in her hoodie (which she always wears). and so, i stole a couple of bottles too... lol partners in crime?

RE: Dreams - JaceComix - 02-06-2008

So last night, I had a dream I was in this mob of like 50 people. Well, maybe less, like 30 or so.
And yea, we all wanted some soup, so we were all going to get some. So when we got to the room where the soup was, it was this huge room, and there was a ginormous ladder. It went waaaaaay up into the air. And apparently, that's where the soup was.
So we all start climbing this monstrous ladder, I guess we really wanted that soup. And it kinda turns into a race, people are climbin over each other and stuff to get to this soup, it's really intense.
So I finally get to the top and I find out there's only 3 bowls of soup! ONLY THREE.
Luckily I was like the second or third person up there, so I got some. But when I reach out to grab my soup, I realize I'm grabbing a plate. Soup doesn't come on plates!!! So when I look on my plate, I see slices of turkey covered in gravy! ITS NOT SOUP! THEY LIED TO ME!
But I took a few bites and it was delicious, so I wasn't that mad. Then I started to climb down the ladder, but it was all shaky and I thought I was gonna fall. Then I woke up.

The End

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - ookami - 02-07-2008

Okay! I merged the threads. I hope I did it right. Sounds like a good original fic. Feel like finishing it? XD

Jace: lol. That sounds like most of my dreams. It starts out as one thing and then changes to something different. ^__^

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - Alacrana - 02-07-2008

Heh, maybe I'd turn it into a story somehow. I've got like, three unpublished novels on my hard drive. X_x

And ha, Jace, that's hilarious! THE SOUP IS A LIIIIIIE!

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - ichi - 02-08-2008

lol im glad im not the only one who have weird dreams but... soup? roflmao!!

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - ookami - 02-16-2008

oh! new reading material!!! What are the books about, ala? :3

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - Alacrana - 02-16-2008

One is survival horror, one is urban fantasy, and the most finished one is fiction. What's stopping them from being finished is my lack of time. By the time I get home, I'm exhausted. And I often have to leave home right after I get there from work 'cause of band stuff. When I do finally get to rest, I just usually sit around and read manga scanlations. XD

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - ookami - 02-23-2008

>.< Sounds hectic. Hope you do find the time to finish them. Have you posted the first part of the stories somewhere?

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - Alacrana - 02-23-2008

Nope. Being the daughter of a patent attorney means I'm paranoid about internet copyrights. The only work of mine published on the web is in for some video games.

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - ookami - 02-23-2008

Alright! Is ur sn the same as here? *inches closer to*