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RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - KobayashiSama - 11-03-2007

ookami Wrote:lol. that's what i ended up doing when i went to lorenzo's last game. Hiruma/Sena all the way *sigh* But i mean, I'd need a ride and stuff. My mom will only go to Dekany and I dekany. if someone were to pick me up and drop me off at home then I wouldn't mind going.....despite the ticket price >.>

Arg! You should have told me or just ask! We can provide the transportation! So if we give you ride back and forth to the football game next friday(i think) to the westfield vs Spring game then you can go? The money you'll prob. have to get by yourself...because you know letterman jacket and san antonio trip and other band s***. =( So what do you say =D

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - ichi - 11-03-2007

koba mispelled my name T____T how could u?

also koba pls edit ur post and use **** to bleep out ur cuss words. we have younger members so if you'd pls edit ur posts it shall be greatly appreciated. *ish acting like a mod since sowon and flick are absent at the moment*

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - ookami - 11-03-2007

lol. totally forgot about the *** thing. thanks for pointing it out ichi......wait me and you would be the mods in place of sowon and flick, ne?

yea sure. i just have to actually get the money first to say a def yes. ask me closer to friday and we'll see.

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - KobayashiSama - 11-06-2007

To lazy. Anyway, I could have sworn that to register to this forum site you had to be 13/16 (can't remember) to register on this. o_O? If so, aren't like 13's suppose to be used to cussing o-O? Esp. at 16!

I'll go back and edit it if you really want it edited out that badly but I reallly don't see how that will change anything o_o I can basically know the word and the little ones do know that it's cussing. >_>

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - ichi - 11-06-2007

yes but we dont want to create that *kind* of environment for new forum members. we want to make BOO a friendly forum and keep a nice environment. BOO is one of a kind so it would be greatly appreciated if its edited out.

we know that 13 yr olds do cuss but its better if everyone would use *** to censor their words. it just looks better over all.

right ookami, we shall enforce the rules while flick and sowon are MIA

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - KobayashiSama - 11-06-2007

Hmmm, I do agree with what you are saying and why, but one thing I don't agree on is that you taking over as mod when you really aren't. >_> It's not that I dont' like being told what to do or not to do, it's just that you decied to take over mod when flick and sowon aren't here o_O? Unless they specifically said "what sowon and Flick are mia ookami/ichiban shall be mod untill we come back." or if you are mods. Not hating on you peeps and don't mean to be like a b**** but you know just pointing out what I'm thinking.

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - ichi - 11-06-2007

no prob. me taking over as a mod. well not really more like enforcing the rules. i gotta add im one of the senior members here after sowon and flick (that are still active) so i feel like its my duty to enforce it. i dont feel like im overstepping my bounds because i do help manage the forum and stuff. sorry if it felt like i am bossing you around.

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - ookami - 11-08-2007

yea, if you look at the top posters me, ichi, flick and sowon take the top 4 spots. We get around the most, therefore, we would be making sure that everything was okay in the forums. I'm sure they'd appreciate our help. ^_^

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - Sesshy - 11-08-2007

*gives Ookami and ichiban award cookies* This is why I love them! <3

RE: I'm Dreaming of.... - ookami - 11-08-2007

oh, is the cookie made of chocolate chip? >w<