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Favorite Cereal? - lesboys22 - 10-02-2007

I eat the stuff every day of my life. What's your favorite? Personally, I try and stay on the "healthier" side of things and mine is Banana nut Muslix. Bananas rock!

RE: Favorite Cereal? - TsUbAmE - 10-02-2007

mmmm mine are raisin bran and the cereal with strawberry chunks in it ^_^

RE: Favorite Cereal? - ichi - 10-02-2007

i like honey bunches of oats Thumbup

RE: Favorite Cereal? - ookami - 10-03-2007

Go, Ichi! HBO ftw! O.o not the channel, the cereal....>.> I also love Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Now that's good....*wishing she ate cereal instead of biscuits*

RE: Favorite Cereal? - ichi - 10-03-2007

yes!! cinnamon toast crunch is the sh*t!!! mmm cinnamon... im so buying one next time mi madre goes grocery shopping. im so sick of eating granola bars for breakfast >.>

RE: Favorite Cereal? - dink524 - 10-03-2007

i never had cereal before -_-

RE: Favorite Cereal? - ichi - 10-03-2007

dink? are u serious? no cereal before? as in ever? neuuuu!!! cereals are a must!!

RE: Favorite Cereal? - dink524 - 10-03-2007

NEVER!! I have never had creeal before.

RE: Favorite Cereal? - lesboys22 - 10-03-2007

oh man, never had cereal before? Do yourself a favor and go out and buy a jumbo box of anything that looks tasty. You'll love it. Cut up some fresh fruit in it and you'll love it even more.

RE: Favorite Cereal? - dink524 - 10-03-2007