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What's in a name (or screen name)? - ookami - 09-19-2007

What does your screen name mean? Where'd it come from?

My name, 'ookami', came to me around 7th grade. At the time I was obsessed with wolves. At the same time I was just getting into the Japanese culture. So I combined both passions and voila! Wolf is 'ookami' in Japanese and I've been with the name since.

RE: What's in a name (or screen name)? - ichi - 09-19-2007

my screen name mean number one in japanese. umm i picked it cuz i remember an asian candy store in the philippines called ichiban and its just so cute so yeah... and also cuz i wanna be the number one forum poster *which i am cuz flick doesnt count!*

RE: What's in a name (or screen name)? - ookami - 09-20-2007

>.> She posts in the forums, therefore she is a forum poster. Keep trying.

RE: What's in a name (or screen name)? - ichi - 09-20-2007

no she doesnt count cuz she *made* the forum. the maker is like god. and god doesnt count as a human being cuz he's god. flick therefore is the goddess of the forum so she's not with us mortals!! thats why as of right now, i am the one closest to god! hahahaa!! *gets raito's crazy look and starts rolling on the floor*

RE: What's in a name (or screen name)? - ookami - 09-20-2007

>.> Where's Ryuk when you You're trying so hard aren't you. Fine Flick is goddess. Does that make sowon god? and if he is then I'm number two....sweet.

RE: What's in a name (or screen name)? - ichi - 09-20-2007

why would u be number two?? huh? huh?? ur not a mod or even an admin. geh! im the number one poster!!!! u havnt surpassed me!!

RE: What's in a name (or screen name)? - TsUbAmE - 09-20-2007

oh my.....i came in at a weird time...................

but any way

my screen name is tsubame/avalonstar12

tsubame is because i was reading airgear and i saw simca's nickname, and i wasll "AWESOME!!!!!!!!!" and i like swallows.

avalonstar12 is cause i was and still am obsessed with cardcaptors and sakura's last name was avalon. then my mom told me what it meant and i got all happy. the star part is cause i like stars and 12 is my favorite #

RE: What's in a name (or screen name)? - dink524 - 09-20-2007

dink is what my dad called me when i was a baby. otherwise it is kenji03japan or dattebayo123. for obvious reasons.

RE: What's in a name (or screen name)? - The 1 N' ONLY Meji X - 09-20-2007

hey ppl!!!! just gonna tell u all what my name means.............cuz im bored....
i took up the name meji because i combined the first letter of my real name and replaced the N on neji's name ^ ^ me luv neji, other than that i could of took the name Umi_Sohma, which i used alot in other forums, the name umi i got it from the old anime magic knight rayearth character umi, and sohma would be the last name from the anime fruits basket.

RE: What's in a name (or screen name)? - KobayashiSama - 09-20-2007

Let's see I go by two *hold up two fingers*

Manta5544 ==> I got this back of Junior High I think when I was obsessed with Shaman King. Everyone liked Yoh or Anna(e) or Faust; Don't get me wrong though, I love those characters too, but the one character I really loved was Manta. So, I wanted my user to be Manta, but where ever I went the username was taken so I got 5 and 4 which was like 5 and then one number down, but then I wanted it to be like, longer and more nifty-er. (<--not sure if that's a word, but now it is Thumbup) so I put 5544.

KobayashiSama ==> I was looking up Japanese names for some reason and came across Kobayashi which was a last name of a powerful family or like wealthy family or something in history, but the name Kobayashi just stuck to me and I liked it. Well, every place/forum I went to the name Kobayashi was taken so I just added Sama at the end for obvious reasons. o_o I like to be TOP!

*mumbles to self* Did I just declare war on Ichi?