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Sushi? - lesboys22 - 09-05-2007

What's your favorite ind of sushi? Personally I find that Unagi ( grilled eel ) tops all.

RE: Sushi? - ookami - 09-05-2007

I've never had sushi (I don't eat seafood at all). I'd love to hear the different types there are tho.

RE: Sushi? - Flick - 09-05-2007

No sushi, ookami?! Umm... well, there's the plain 'sushi' (what I call sushi anyway) which is literally rice wrapped in a brown tofu wrap, and the rice is infused with alot more vinegar than usual and decorated with sesame seeds (see top right of picture). I really like it.

Also like the fish eggs one (with orange eggs)


RE: Sushi? - TsUbAmE - 09-05-2007

i agree with les, unagi is my fav, especially the dragon roll

RE: Sushi? - lesboys22 - 09-05-2007

Nothing tops all you can eat sushi. My friend and I, on top of everything else off the menu we ate had 4 massive dragon rolls between us. So0o0o0o0o good

RE: Sushi? - ichi - 09-05-2007

sushi yum! hmmm idk wat the sushi eat is called so.... sashimi is quite okei. i still havnt gotten part the texture bit. it kinda weirds me out.

RE: Sushi? - ookami - 09-06-2007

Just excatly how many types of sushi are there?

RE: Sushi? - ichi - 09-06-2007

i think there are a lot. i wanna go to japan and try gourmet sushi Big Grin oh btw meji wants to celebrate her 21st bday at a jap restaurant. they'll probably have good sushi. methinkin of chi lounge

RE: Sushi? - ookami - 09-06-2007

eh? When's her birthday? I wanna come! Tongue

RE: Sushi? - ichi - 09-06-2007

february somethin... gotta check back. im bad with dates...