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(2013.03.23) BACK-ON Live in Okinawa - MTV - Flick - 05-16-2013

Kindly uploaded by MONSTERSNITE

Only 4 minutes long but I wish I was there! Smile ONE STEP never sounded so good! My connection kept going down though when I was watching this so I am still trying to get through it all.

RE: (2013.03.23) BACK-ON Live in Okinawa - MTV - reghrhre - 05-17-2013

Yeah, I love One Step live, it's so awesome! I remember seeing a different video of them doing One Step live in a Good Job tour video, you can also find it on MONSTERSNITE channel. The Poppin Love Cocktail preview at the end was cool, KENJI didn't seem to be there surprisingly which I thought would be the case.

RE: (2013.03.23) BACK-ON Live in Okinawa - MTV - Flick - 05-21-2013

Thanks for the heads up re: the One Step live Smile I'm going to have to go and watch it now.

Really wish I'd been there for the MTV event - although it was a big stage it seemed like the crowd were really close and I guess it wasn't raining when they performed ^^