Chain Simfile… I kid you not

As one who doesn’t own a console, DDR or Dance Dance Revolution style games almost always passed by me, with only visits to the arcade to remind me of their existence. This is not the same for everyone else, so if you’re a fan, there is now a Chain DDR game! Unfortunately its not the full song, as the video in the background actually features the Air Gear opening, but it does have all the (presumably standard) difficulty levels and such.

The file has been brought to you by Jubo as part of Otaku’s Dream Mix. I’m a stranger to the significance of the file statistics, but if it interests you:

BPM: 92 – 184
Difficulties: 2, 5, 7, 9, 11
Video & Lyrics & Backgrounds: Yes, All Included.

You’ll need a programme called StepMania to load up the files. As far as I understand it, Stepmania can be connected to the dancepad/dancemat, so you can play ‘as usual’ aside from using the standard keyboard. I did install it myself and had a bit of fun!