BACK-ON’s brand new song “We are…” features as theme song for IAMS’ TV documentary about an animal shelter presented by Kiki Sugino

With many thanks to MONSTERSNITE for this latest revelation,  we can bring you news of BACK-ON‘s newest song in a very long time called:

We are…

The news was also announced on the official website just earlier today, and you can listen to what appears to be the entire song (with its long instrumental introduction) by watching this preview clip uploaded by IAMSjapan (2:48) either by clicking on the link below or viewing the video at the end of the post.

So what do you think? It’s actually difficult to describe how excited I am by this fantasic news, as since January 2009, i.e. start of this year when flyaway was released as both a standard and limited edition single, BACK-ON have been surprisingly quiet even with news on their official blog, although we had brief glimpses of their occasional live performances and the interesting snapshots of their life (including ones about them working on new songs)

Rumour has it that this may be due to personal events and celebrations as well, but now that summer is here (or winter for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere) BACK-ON appear to be back on the music scene again, this time with a brand new uplifting track called ‘We are…” reminiscent of flyaway, and even tied in with an IAMS (international pet food company) TV documentary project!

The documentary was filmed at the Helen Woodward Animal Center and features Kiki Sugino (aka. Yeong-hwa Seo) as the hands-on presenter. The preview clip is – literally – teeming with kittens, so if cute, fluffy and sadly abandoned kittens living in an animal shelter are your thing, it should be worth watching the documentary in full when it is released.  This means that – as appropriate for the song – BACK-ON has once again presented a wonderfully upbeat and joyful creation as the backing theme.

So no heavy riffs this time round, and as BACK-ON continue to develop their ‘pop’ style of music with a really sunny melody and Kenji03‘s captivating voice, this time we get treated to quite a lot more of Teeda singing in the main verses, although he does still rap during parts of the song, it is much more evocative of BAReeeeeeeeeeN Teeda than New World Teeda.

We would love to find out what you all think of this shiny new song; the band have asked fans to try and watch the video and listen to the song where possible. It’s rather unfortunate that comments have been turned off for the video by IAMS (you can get so much feedback via Youtube comments!)  so please let us know and maybe we can send them all in to BACK-ON! :)

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