Back-on’s brand new official blog!

It’s not often that I type up news hot-off-the-press, but today is an exception because Back-on have just announced the release of the brand new official blog! The blog is now powered by Ameblo (アメブロ) and is available at the url (NOTE: no preceding www!):

I’m sure everyone would agree that this is a far easier link to remember compared to the url of their previous blog:

Anyway, before we get too bogged down in the detail, let me tell you more about the new blog! As a picture is worth a thousand words, a screenshot of the new blog site will come first:

Screenshot of new Back-on Official Blog!

I do love these colours – of course they were designed (or chosen) to fit the new style that Back-on are using for this season, the upcoming release of flower (and maybe Butterfly?) – but it’s very easy on the eye! You’ll see that the top left menu actually has categories for all the band members, Teeda, Kenji03, Shu, Gori, Icchan and Back-on’s Staff, so it is possible that we’ll see entries on the official blog in the future byindividual band members! :)

The first entry has already been bagged by the Staff, who have introduced the new blog powered by Ameblo, and then going on to say that there will be lots more posts (I think) about the live events, recordings, personal thoughts and all sorts of other fun things!

So, to sum up: if you haven’t already bookmarked their new blog site, go for it!

p/s: I think I know what my next badge will be~~ take a look at the header of the new blog!

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