BACK-ON launches their official Youtube channel!

BACK-ON dropped us fans a brilliant surprise yesterday via their Twitter (also in English and mentioned by @TEEDA_BACKON, @GORI_BACKON) with the announcement that they have launched their official Youtube channel!

BACK-ON Youtube Channel - Screenshot

The latest video uploads feature TEEDA and KENJI03 giving us a quick commentary of Hello World in Japanese, English (TEEDA) and Mandarin Chinese (KENJI03)! I have to say that they are all brilliant! I don’t want to spoil his message, as it’s better to hear the man out himself, but this is what TEEDA said – and I quote:

Hello World, this is TEEDA and KENJI03 and you’re watching BACK-ON channel!
On February 16th we’re going to release the new album “Hello World”! It’s going to be the best J-Rock sound you’ve ever heard – no doubt! The first and second track  ‘”Beginning” and “ROCKSTAR ANTHEM” is crazy because I rap so sexxxy, you know what I’m saying?  And this year we’re going to go more worldwide, so hope to see you at your country. Anywayz, please check out our homepage, blog, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, blah blah blah for more information. Thanks… See ya!

Once you’ve heard him say that, I swear you’ll <3 him forever! (I know I do… and so does Sesshy!)

KENJI03‘s spoken Chinese has improved leaps and bounds, so for any BACK-ON fans that understand Mandarin, this video is a real treat ~~ He says:

你好,我們是BACK-ON! 我是主唱KENJI還有TEEDA! 在2月16號,我們BACK-ON要發行我們的第二張的全新專輯: Hello World! 請台灣大家一定要聽喔! OK?! 然後-在台灣只要上日本Amazon網站就可以聽到我們的新專輯 Hello World. 請多多指教!

which roughly translates as:

Hello, we are BACK-ON! I am the lead vocalist KENJI03 and this is TEEDA! We will be releasing our 2nd brand new album: “Hello World” on February 16th and hope everyone in Taiwan will listen to it! OK?!
If you’re in Taiwan, you can visit Amazon Japan and listen to our new album “Hello World”. Please look after us!

In addition to these 3 videos, BACK-ON have uploaded 5 other videos, which we’ll try and post about separately, including:

The official Youtube channel was registered on January 23rd 2011, but as this BACKONNETCHANNEL account was registered on the much earlier date of January 5th 2011, it shows that this project has been at least a month in the making!

There is a short (and primarily audio) video called album CM 18 26 25 2 which might be some sort of promo for Hello World? We’re not sure really so would welcome any comments or thoughts.

But going back to the main topic: the official Youtube channel is definitely a feather in BACK-ON‘s cap when it comes to their recent international social media campaign, which already includes Twitter and Facebook, as pictures speak a thousand words and videos can offer so much more, and all this means that we can interact with BACK-ON the band directly via mediums we fans are already comfortable with.

Out of the uploads so far, the most exciting video me is really the recent video commentaries by TEEDA and KENJI03, as they reiterate the band’s plans for going more ‘worldwide’ in 2011 – Japan and (we believe) America are already on their list, so I’m hoping that they’ll visit Europe again, as well as the rest of Asia and even the South Americas, as there are brigades of fans in Taiwan, SE Asia, China and Brazil etc.

If you are a fan, give us a shout here! We’ll try and feature some of the international fan brigades over the course of the next few weeks, and hope this will give BACK-ON more reasons to go to even more countries!