Back-on is going to America – April 2007!

The latest announcement from their official website : Back-on is going to America! :) They will feature as one of the main live acts of Anime Matsuri, an anime convention being held between April 27th-29th 2007, at the George R. Brown Convention Center and the Hilton Americas Hotel in Houston, Texas.

Back-on‘s live performance will feature on April 28th 2007, which is a Saturday, so ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for anyone in Texas to miss out on Back-on’s FIRST EVER debut outside of Japan.

The extra bonus, of course, is that Back-on have said (if I have interpreted it correctly) that they plan to have autograph session(s) as well as hold interviews with the local media – local being, presumably, America.

Anime Matsuri‘s website introduces Back-on under their ‘Guest’ section:

After the huge success of their theme song “Chain” for the popular anime Air Gear, Back-On is performing for the first time in the United States at Anime Matsuri. The busy band is working on numerous projects and are excited to bring their music and electrifying live performance to Anime Matsuri’s Main Event. Please check out thier website at for more info on this fantastic band!

Now I really wish I lived in America! Back-on have said that they will visit the UK at some point (check out the Q&A section on their website) so am really very much looking forward to it! If you are going to be at Anime Matsuri, Back-on Online would love to hear from you!

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