BACK-ON featured on Fuji TV’s とくダネ! (Tokudane!)!

YES!!! was released just 3 days ago (12th November 2008) and I am happy to say the album has been doing well in the Daily Oricon Rankings as it has been sitting within the TOP #30 spot for all 3 days, climbing to a high of #24 yesterday!

12/11/08: #26
13/11/08: #29
14/11/08: #24

These are the figures I’ve been able to capture so far, and I’m actually really looking forward to the release of the weekly results to see how well BACK-ON have done, especially now that they have been featured as part of Fuji TV‘s staple weekday morning news program とくダネ! (Tokudane!)

According to the Wikipedia entry for the program, it is currently broadcast from 08:00 – 09:55, Mondays to Fridays” and with reference to the English version of FujiTV Outline, this ‘infotainment’ program has held the top position for audience ratings during the morning slot for 74 months running! This is good news, because even if the viewing audience are primarily made up of OAPs (assuming Japan and the UK are similar in that respect :p) this still means that BACK-ON was promoted for two minutes to the majority of TV viewers!

And it was a great introduction imho, which you can watch for yourself courtesy of MONSTERSNITE (gangangan03‘s new account!) by clicking the link below or scrolling to the end of this post!

Click here to watch BACK-ON being introduced on Tokudane!

For those without access to Youtube, here’s a quick breakdown of what happened in the clip:

  • The main presenter is Tomoaki Ogura (小倉智昭) introduces BACK-ON by playing 足跡 (Ashiato) and introducing them as one half of BAReeeeeeeeeeN. I love how he pronounces the word BAReeeeeeeeeeN. :)
  • This revelation is met with murmurs and various nods of approval from his co-hosts and guests. +1
  • I think he then talks about how JIN (big bro of HIDE of GReeeeN) is related to BACK-ON
  • As Butterfly is played in the background, Tomoaki Ogura talks about BACK-ON‘s brief history whilst displaying their group photo on-screen (below), and he even drops in Kenji03‘s name!


  • For those better at Japanese than I am (that’s many of you by the way) you’ll understand what the presenter is saying before he drops in the word ‘flower‘. I didn’t really get most of it, but I’m pretty sure he said “America” :)
  • They then play the PV for flower as it rolls into the chorus. The text 5 member (BACK-ON) First Album is shown throughout the clip by the way.
  • I’m sure the presenter then talks about ‘next year’ something or other, and then some strange rating system appears where BACK-ON appears to get 80 (out of a possible 100?) This is a good thing I think?

So there you have it, BACK-ON‘s (probably first) promotional on day time telly; it might not seem like much, but for someone who has just witnessed the startling effectiveness of TV advertising first hand on a friend, I am pretty sure that this brief but surprisingly thorough introduction has probably resulted in BACK-ON‘s YES!!! jumping 5 spaces to #24 in today’s Oricon rankings! And oh YES!!!, if you happen to know how this whole rating system works on とくダネ!, please do drop us a comment below and let us know!

And last but not least; the video clip of BACK-ON on とくダネ! (Tokudane!) courtesy of MONSTERSNITE!