Anipike interviews Back-on at Anime Evolution 2007

Anipike or Anime Web Turnpike is undoubtedly one of the most well known anime sites from the 90s, where in its hey day, the site was the central database (or mecca) for fans, providing links to a mind-boggling number of anime sites that sprung up almost daily, usually hosted on sites such as Tripod, Geocities and Angelfire. I remember being one of those avid fans who visited daily, in the days of dialup when the best anime content was not necessarily found by search engines, and one had to reference the encyclopedia that was Anipike.

However, it’s been several years since then (the site was acquired by a commercial company in 2000) and the site has become less prominent, so imagine my surprise when a random search came up with an interview by Anipike with Back-on! :)Anipike - Interview Thumbnail

The interviewer, Carlos Pardo, one of the main article contributors of Anipike, met Back-on during the Anime Evolution convention (2007) in Canada the day after their concert.

He started off the article by introducing the band (always a good thing!) and talking about some of the band’s activities at the convention, before moving to give a glowing review (with plenty of detail and enthusiasm) of their concert performance, and a brief excerpt is provided below:

BACK-ON whipped the crowd into a jumping mass of bodies with their first song “Chain,” a particular favorite of mine. Teeda the MC or rapper of the group, stomped around gushing out the lyrics, and then guitarist/vocalist Kenji stepped in to sing the melodic chorus of the song. Kenji03 definitely was a favorite among the females in the audience, with plenty of screams each time he came up to the microphone. With Shu supplying more guitar riffs, his long hair shaking to the rhythms of Icchan on drums, and Gori creating a path of blazing bass tones, you can clearly see a band comfortable with themselves, synchronized together to make an impressive quintet.

Later on, Carlos (or Hkaddict as he is probably better known as) then launched into the interview (or chat) session with Back-on, where they covered a range of topics, including (predictably) anime and music, with some really interesting (and new) answers, such as:

H: I notice there’s a lot of diversity in the type of songs you do, so I was wondering if you have a band or bands that are influences?

B: The Police, Smashing Pumpkins, Linkin Park, the Fugees.

I remember reading that Kenji03 was a fan of The Smashing Pumpkins, but it was unbelievable to find that the band have now also cited Linkin Park as an inspiration! For those who are wondering why this revelation is significant: their music has often been compared with LP‘s, and the band are sometimes called the japanese LP, but I’m fairly certain that Back-on have never cited them directly before (open to correction).

H: Do you have a favorite anime series?

B: Dragon Ball, Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin…

Yay, I like those anime too! ;)

H: Since you like animation, what do you think of cosplay, would you like to cosplay, and what character would you like to cosplay?

B: Cosplay is fantastic. It can be really sexy! If I can I’d like to be one of the Shinsengumi members from Rurouni Kenshin…

Spider Man…

A typical “wanna be” for our age is Son Goku from Dragon Ball, the orange gi…

We don’t really know what we want to be, but if we could do it we could go onstage to cosplay during a concert.

We saw a Jigen cosplayer here (from Lupin the 3rd), who looked like Jigen, but he also looked like Justin Timberlake! When you cosplay you are actually copying someone, but there is originality and creativity too. It’s fantastic.

Of course, the conversation touched on Back-on‘s musical activities:

H: Do you have a favorite brand of instrument you like to play, such as guitar brand?

B: Gibson, Fender, or Japanese brands, DW…

H: A question…about songwriting. When you write a song does it come out of a jam session, something you work on at home, or do you all get together to work on something?

B: Before we used to do it at a jam session, but nowadays each of us comes with an idea of what we want to do and create just one piece together. We all have a similar view, so we just get together and create a piece. We each play something and then assemble it together.

H: Last question. What do you like to do in your spare time away from the studio, the stage—related or not related to music?

B: Even in our spare time we listen to music and try to come up with images related to the music—visualize it on a computer/TV screen.

For us music is part of our life, and listening to music relaxes us. Even in our spare time we like to do something related to music.

At the same time we like to do other things, like shopping or whatever—different things.

At this point I should clarify that this isn’t the full interview article, and there were lots of random questions and answers that we haven’t included here – including Gori‘s attempt at asking for Hkaddict‘s Fender Stratocaster 1988 guitar – so I would strongly encourage everyone to read it in full, as it has all the extra humour and fun that we’ve unfortunately had to miss out.

You can find the full article (published on December 1st 2007) by clicking on the (long) screenshot provided with this new post, or by visiting: Anime Web Turnpike – Back-on at Anime Evolution 2007. Both take you directly to the website! I really enjoyed reading this interview article (it did help that it was in English and had lots of pictures! :D) and trust that you will too.

Please let us know what you think! :)