A few updates – Phase 3.1

There were no updates this weekend as I was away and it was probably time for a quick break anyway. :) We’re starting off this week with the first update:

  • Band MembersShu and Gori ‘s profiles have been added to the band-member’s page. It was quite interesting researching their official bio description, as they like to use a lot of Katakana for english words such as mysterious , groovy etc.
  • About Site – The plugins table has been updated with some of the latest plugins used on the site. I might introduce a few of them in detail in the future. It isn’t an extensive list, as I decided not to use the pluginsUsed plugin for security and convenience reasons, even though I liked the format. I have just found out about an alternative though that I’ll look into: Viper’s Plugins Used.

More updates will be forthcoming throughout the week. I’d also like to mention the site’s First Poll : Lyrics Format again, where we’re asking how you would like to see the lyrics displayed. If you could take a little time to cast your vote, it would be very much appreciated!

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