A few updates – Phase 3.3

Only a few changes here and there, but there are a few important new touches that have been added to the site

  • Music – The multimedia Music page now has its first feature  download! Believer  is a track from Back-on’s latest single release, Chain  and is definitely one of their best songs! The single itself comes with thanks to Nipponsei, and you can listen to the entire single on the music page straight from your browser.
  • Discography – The details for Baby Rock  and Hero  were added today but I haven’t quite finished the commentary part for both so more content will be added later. Hero  was a limited edition release and is currently out-of-print, so its really hard to find the CD! The album will feature in one of the future updates of the Music page.

Hope this news update encourages everyone to continue supporting Back-on and Back-on Online. More content updates will be forthcoming this week. Please feel free to participate in the poll at the bottom of the page.

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