A few updates – Phase 2

I seem to be spending alot more time working on Back-on Online than my own coursework at the moment, but I guess that’s always the case when a new hobby launches. More site content updates have been made to the key areas of the site, such as:

  • Introduction – I’ve just ‘penned’ the first draft of this section, which will be re-done gradually over the next few days as the paragraphs aren’t in any particular order.
  • Band MembersTeeda and Macchin ‘s profiles have been added to the band-members page. It was surprising to find that Teeda actually listed manga and tattoo/graffiti artists in his official ‘favourite artists’ list. Alas, there wasn’t much information available for Macchin.
  • Music – This may become one of the more popular sections of the site. Music will showcase one Back-on album each time it is updated (hopefully on a weekly basis) which means you can listen to an entire album on Back-on Online, as well as one download in mp3 format. This week’s (pilot) feature is Chain (Single). I haven’t yet added the link for download yet, but have a listen anyway. The media player used on Music is powered by Radio.Blog.Club.
  • Guestbook – Last but not least, Back-on Online now has its very own guestbook. I realise not everyone likes emailing, so if you like the site or you have any suggestions/comments, feel free to make a post on there, as it would be very much appreciated!

I guess that pretty much does conclude the updates for today. The site is receiving more traffic from the search engines as content increases, but if you like the site, please let others know about it too.